Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peace For The Good

     Election is not about character assasination or inciting one group against another. It is not about using hate speech or indecent language. But it is all about how to preserve and take advantage each of the citizens in this country.
     Peach builds unity and togetherness. Disruptive elections destroys lives and properties. Disruptive elections impoverishes not just a people, but many generations to come. It leads to an uncertain future for the children and the youth.
        To have a Peaceful Election in 2013 first , the voting must be systematic and proper, no more consideration to any of the candidates for the election. Second, the voters must have to avoid the vote buying so that they will not be tolerated in the time of election. Lastly, for the peaceful election is a good advantage for our country because it will may follow to the next generation just like the teenagers. As what Jose Rizal say's "ANG KABATAAN ANG PAG-ASA NG BAYAN ".As the years past, eventually the youth will take charge of it.  
       All of us are wishing to have a Peaceful Election for our Peaceful Country. As we take forward, we must all responsive to our duties, but if we follow the best way to have a good election then it is better.

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