Sunday, February 10, 2013

Q and A

Acting Balanced

1. Do you tend to be more logically or emotionally driven in your decision-making?
2. Do you take vitamin or other supplements?  Do you feel that they actually work? 
3. Have you ever kissed someone and just knew they were not the right person or vise versa?
4. Why shouldn't the woman pay for a Valentine's Day date?

Here are my answers to the questions:

1. Actually it depends on the situation, but most of the time that I create decisions makes me regretting especially when I expecting much more on that. 

2. Yes! I take vitamins, but  it doesn't work on me, that's why I stop to take it.

3. Probably yes! and I am so much regretting on that :)LOL

4. It is actually the responsible of men and it is almost our tradition here in the Philippines but in this generation most of the woman are prefer to pay than the men especially when they like mostly the guy and they have much money unlike in men.

Here's my 5th Question:
What is the essence of having a date during valentines ?


  1. the essence of it is you can experience sweet moments, full of love by having a date with you beloved boyfriend . :)

  2. no its not necessary to have a valentine date during the valentines day, its just a matter of being happy on the day of hearts :)

  3. A very nice set of answers. Thanks for joining in on the MQAM!

  4. can make you feel that your special to someone and how important you are to him.. And also how lucky you are to have him in your life.. :)

  5. For me, the real essence of having a date especially during valentine is the "HAPPINESS" that brought your lives into greater and overjoyed feeling. That was reminding you that there are someone who loved and making you special.

  6. The very essence of valentines is celebrating the goodness of reminds you how love make the world colorful and how love give life to anybody,because when you talk about love it always remind me the love God for us.

  7. Valentines is a day to celebrate the sharing of love but we must show our love everyday to mean that our love is true and the very essence of having a date during valentines is that your with your special someone showing, giving and sharing the love you feel with each other.

  8. the essence of having date on valentines was so romantic & memorable for every lovers .They can show how special that person to there life . =)